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The eCommerce line comes with three different method for encrypting emails. The first two (PGP and GNUpg) while very secure are very hard to setup. We decided to add a simple encryption that is easier and quicker to setup. The downside to making an easier method is that you will need a different program to unencrypt the emails. This is where the eComm_crypt program comes in. It can both decrypt and encrypt messages based on your passphrase.

To download it just use the links to the left.

When you get an encrypted email, copy the body of the email into the encrypted text section at the bottom. Enter your passphrase at the top and then click the encrypted to plain button. The unencrypted text will show up above. Then you can copy your order to wherever you want.

To enable builtin secure email in the eOrdering Application line
1. go to the html and cart options window (the html button)
2. Click on the PHPemail button
3. Click on the secure email button
4. Click the built in method radion button and enter your passphrase to the right.

Note: Use a passphrase that you will remember.

If you have problems with the eComm_crypt app or want to see something added, email


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